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Prof Geoffrey Kofi Akuamoa (Jeff Akvama) was born in Ghana. He is Prof of Education and Academic Affairs.

 1940-1946 Methodist Grammar School, Koforidua, Ghana. 1947-1950, Standard 7 Certificate,

 Abetifi Presbyterian Boarding School, Ghana.1950-1954 ‘O’ levels Cambridge Overseas Certificate A

 He studied at the College of Science and Technology, Birmingham, United Kingdom;

 the University Medical School at Zurich, Switzerland; the Medical University of Kiel, Germany;

 the Medical University of Copenhagen, Denmark; and the Medical University of Oslo, Norway.

 His education is all-round. He is Professor in Education and Academic Affairs;

 appointed at Colombo, Sri Lanka. He is General Medicine specialist.

He has received many awards from the International Biographical Association as well as the

American Biographical Institute. While he has written for numerous scientific publications,

he also writes historical books and novels.

The Prof is born in the Gold Coast-Ghana by a midwife and a minister.

 My parents were both educated so that my siblings and I had opportunities to attend school.

The country was an English colony. The school system was not free. Unfortunately,

my mother died at the age of 26 years, which slowed me down spiritually however,

 I graduated from the Cambridge School Certificate Overseas Examination at Presec with flying

colours and received in 1955, at the age of 19 years, Cocoa Marketing Board Scholarship to studycolours and received in 1955, at the age of 19 years, Cocoa Marketing Board Scholarship to study

medicine in Europe. This brought me in 1955 to Birmingham, England,

 the university Biological and Pharmaceutical Institute graduating in 1956,

Oxford and Cambridge Advanced level in 1957; I entered the medical faculty

at Kantospital, University of Zurich, Switzerland, to study medicine in German.

 The medical worlds that met me as student in 1950s have altered a great deal.

They are two different realities. My experiences gained are, disclosed.